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Website Portfolio

Lou Pantai - Holiday Villa Rental in France

Lou Pantai - Holiday Villa Rental in France

Jeremy & Mary Raphaely have a lovely villa in Bargemon (France) named "Lou Pantai". If you ever want to go on holidays in this beautiful area, have a look at their new website to see if the villa is available for hire.
The new design and re-structuration of the website include a new photo gallery, an integration of Google Maps and more.
Visit the site here: Lou Pantai - Holiday Villa Rental in France

Phenomena Photos

Phenomena Photos

I've just finished a new photography website for "Phenomena Photos". Once again Joomla had been used as the CMS.

Visit the site here: Phenomena Photos.

Model Abdul Rehman portfolio

Abdul Rehman

I started to try model photography and Abdul Rehman was my first model. He contacted me via my profile on ModelMayhem.com for a TFP (Time For Prints) work.

Abdul comes from Pakistan and is a motivated wannabe model. So if you find his profile interesting, please contact him.

Now go and visit: Abdul Rehman model's portfolio 

Grafic and System

Grafic and System is a french online shop selling stickers. This website uses osCommerce. The design had been done by EasyFac SARL a french company. My work here was to configure, adapt the design to osCommerce to the need of the customer and add custom features such a font preview generator.

Visit the website here: Grafic and System

Brad Golf

BradGolf is a french online shop that sells golf equipment at attractive price. This website uses osCommerce. The design had been done by EasyFac SARL a french company. My work here was to configure, adapt the design to osCommerce to the need of the customer and add new wanted feature such as automatic Google News integration.

Visit the website here: BradGolf

Martin Koums NDACHI

Martin Koums

Martin KOUMS NDACHI is a Cameronian singer, author and composer living in Montpellier. He was born in a polygam family in Cameroun educated by his father, a preacher.

In Africa, building your life around music was impossible, so Martin KOUMS dreamt, like every other Cameronian children, to be a teacher. But he then realized that his real passion was music and decided to go to Gabon and started studying music seriously.

During his great adventure, he got to Montpellier in 1990 to pursuie his studies and start to live from his passion. And step by step, he founded some bands and choirs from Gospel to Africa music. Thus were born the "Gospel Rythm" ,"Africa Jazz Color" or "Gospel University Choir". 

Visit the website here: Martin Koums NDACHI

SAB International

SAB International

I've worked for more than 2 years (2004-2006)at SAB Internation in Montpellier (France). SAB International is one of the, if not the, biggest computer wholesaler in the South of France. At that time, they have about 60 employees in 1 wholesale store and 5 public computer shops in Montpellier, Nîmes, Avignon and Le Pontet.

Visit the website here: SAB Computer

Gospel University Choir - GUC

Gospel University Choir - GUC - Montpellier

I've discovered the Gospel University Choir (GUC) in 2002 thanks to a friend of mine (Fuongy) that propose me to test one of their rehearsals. The GUC is a Gospel choir that have its rehearsals in a University of Montpellier, the "Université Paul Valéry" or "Université Montpellier III". It had been created and directed by a Cameroun guy: Martin KOUMS. The GUC is composed of 100 chorists that are students and non-students from differents ages and differents origins.

Visit the website here: Gospel University Choir - GUC


I've discovered Xoops, a Content Management System (CMS), in 2005. This changed my way of developping websites. No more dozen of hours redevelopping from scratch all things that have already been done. With Xoops I can concentrate more on the functionalities of the website by adding some missing features etc...

Visit the website here: Goloom