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eZ Publish extensions

QH Autosave extension



  1. install the ezpkg and activate the 3 extensions qhautosave, qhjsiniloader & qhnotifications.
  2. Then re-generate the autoloads
  3. clear the cache.

The extension is mainly javascript and does not require any template overriding. Just plug 'n play...

Although there are three extensions to install, they are very small and both packaged in a single combo ezpkg file.

Currently configured to auto-save the draft every 15 seconds.

How it works:

qhjsiniloader is used to customise the extension (use of translation, autosave interval etc...) by loading a standard eZ Publish INI file using ezjscore

qhnotifications is used to display notifications messages regarding the autosave process.

qhautosave works by posting the current editing form asynchronously, it has the same effect as clicking on the 'Store draft' button except that it won't reload the page.

Known issues:

It currently cannot auto-save file upload fields, but that is not a big issue as if you've already uploaded the file then it is already saved. It's only for files where you have selected a file but haven't yet uploaded.

Installation video & demo:



  • in v1.0beta9
    • Merge pull request #1 from websoftix/patch-1 for typo fix
  • in v1.0beta8 (in GitHub):
    • qhautosave.js now uses js class
  • in v1.0beta7 (in GitHub):
    • experimenting autosave for the website tool bar (ezwt)
  • in v1.0beta6:
    • added french translations
    • bug fixes
  • in v1.0beta5:
    • externalization of the notification and INI loading functionalities to separate extensions: qhjsiniloader and qhnotifications
    • bug fixes
  • in v1.0beta4:
    • bug fixes
  • in v1.0beta3:
    • override qhautosave.ini to set your autosave interval time and choose the notification method
  • in v1.0beta2: 
    • Added warning when the user leaves the page without actioning a button
    • Stop autosave if a button has been clicked