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I'm coming from New Caledonia and the Ukulele so I'm used to the sound of it since younger age. But it was just since this summer that I got personally interested and bought myself one. I first got a Tanglewood TU2 Soprano Ukulele, but found it was out of tune on few strings, so returned it and bought a Risa Instruments cut-away top spruce tenor Ukulele, and again got a defect on several frets... I'm finally settled on a Mele Mahogany Tenor uke, an awesome piece of instrument.

I've since joined the H.U.G (Hammersmith Ukulele Group) and the Ukulele Wednesdays, although these days, I'm too busy too be active as before.

At one of the Ukulele Wednesdays meetup, I met Duncan, he was setting up a new band and asked me to join, unfortunately I couldn't commit as my agenda is never sure. But I offered to do a photo shoot for the band to help them start. So I went to one of their rehearsal and had a lot of fun not only shooting them but also listening to their awesome sound. Well done guys!

So I'm introducing you to KoaSound, check out the photos on the website ;-)

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