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Having few instruments at home and some microphone stands, I was wondering wether I can use them for y flashguns or not... The problem are the screws on mic stands are bigger than the ones for flasguns...  

Today I went on my daily visit to Strobist.com and read this article: DIY Ball-Bungee Speedlight Soft Box Mount". And suddenly it rang a bell in my head! EUREKA!

Samson C03 microphone

I have a Samson C03 microphone with its shock mount, a normal and a mini microphone stand. The idea is to use the mini (and eventually the normal one) to hold a flash gun.

 So I'm gonna use the idea of the Ball Bungee Speedlight Soft Box mount to mount my flash gun on any microphone stands using the Samson C03 shock mount.

 Step by step:

  - Picture 1: use one of the two rubber bands from the shock mount and attach them to three of the four its top bars.

  - Picture 2: at this point, one of the four bars is free, take the loop from the opposite bar and fix it around that free bar.

  - Picture 3: you should end up with a 4 branches star with a rectangle shape in the middle.

  - Picture 4: as we can see here, the rubber band is quite low, if you put the microphone now, the shock mount's frame can hide part of the flash screen.

  - Picture 5: thus we will lift the two branches of the star that are close to the mic stand (this is the way the rubber band should be fixed in normal usage).

  - Picture 6: screw the shock mount on the mic stand and insert the flashgun in the rectancle shape in the middle. Tada!

  - Picture 7: front view and flash on.

  - Picture 8: if you have a normal microphone stand, you can use it. Completely deployed and vertical, it can be around 2m high.

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