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My Peugeot 205

To get to London from Montpellier, I took my car, an Peugeot 205 of 1996. I bought that car about two years ago and really like it even if it is quite old. The fact is this car is a good one with quite low fuel consumption and can be self repaired and the componants can be find in nearly every garage.

One other thing I do appreciate in my car is that it have the 'Air Conditioning', electric windows and centralized doors locking system. This is quite rare for a Peugeot 205.

But poor little car, it run too far away from home, about 1500 Kmcarrying me and all my stuff! It is now in a garage waiting to berepaired. At first I thought it was the battery, then I've been toldthat it was the starter motor but in fact it is the alternator... wellI hope this is the final!

Here is the alternator (under the bottle of cooling liquid):

Peugeot 205's alternator
Me in Richmond Park

One of the things I do appreciate in London is the parks. There are a lots of big beautiful parks in the city.

I went to one of them this weekend: Richmond Park. I drive from side to side, but can't remember in which direction and it was 3Km long! One other thing that is amazing is the animals, you can see rabbits and even stags. I was able to take two of them in pictures at only a few meters away (see below).

The Park is really beautiful, the landscape is diversified. This is a great place for a walk, roller skating, cycling and picnic

Anyway, I'll be back there for some more photography.

Here are some pictures taken at the Richmond Park. Thanks to Minh-Sa for pictures of me.

London, here I am!

I arrived on the 15th of June with my little Peugeot 205 from Montpellier.
I left Montpellier on the 12th and stopped at 'Orléans' to visit my cousin her husband and their daughter and then I went to 'Le Mans' visiting one of my best friend. On the 15th of June, I headed to 'Calais' for the ferry to Dover. My car battery was down on my way from 'Le Mans' to 'Calais', hopefully I managed to make it self recharge on the way to London and changed for a new one the day after my arrival.All the trip was about 1500 Km long. It was very exhausting.

Yesterday I went to Richmond Park with my girl friend, it is an amazing place. I love it!

Today is my 5th day in Ealing. I went to the local Job Center Plus to apply for a NI number.

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