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We just went on holidays in New Caledonia so I took the opportunity to test the Zoom H4n in recording the morning waves in the Isle of Pines. It was our last morning from our trip there, the weather was getting bad but the water was still warm enough for a swim half an hour after this test recording.

New Caledonia is said to be the closest place to heaven on Earth.

The video and photos in the footage were taken with a Nikon P7100. The sound from the built-in mic was too bright lacking of depth. The Redhead Windscreen shielded the Zoom H4n against the noise coming from the wind hitting the microphones.



More info:



Time can be used to make money, money cannot be used to buy time. In London, you are wasting time so much because everything is far. I'm spending 3 hours a day in a train and much more because of signal failures, person under a train, trains not moving to even out gaps in the traffic or what ever excuse they have... "So you're screwed!" Want more money but don't have lot of time to make it... Grrrrr But I try to make use of these 3 hours a day commuting from and to work by doing some work such as filtering pre-editing photos, offline coding etc... But it's still not enough but it is also killing your health on the long run. What can you do? That's life. So lets just enjoy what we already have!

This year, my wife and I decided to stay at home and relax. After last year's issues with the snow at airports, we just wanted to avoid any new trouble and save money for future holidays. So yesterday evening we had our roast turkey with apple and thyme filling. We then just stayed in bed watching "The Weather Man" rented out from iTunes.

We have planned to visit Ron, our neighbour but as my wife is pretty ill with a bad cold, I went alone and kept him company with a nice piece of Panettone, playing a bit of the Ukulele to entertain ;-)

I hope you guys have had a very nice Christmas and are ready to party all night for the new year coming.

Christmas card 2010

Yeah!! It's my 1 year in London anniversary!  I arrived on the 15th of June 2006!

Photography with some other models: Sky Bliss, Jamil James & Benadette Vong. Please check my portfolio.

On the 11th of September 2006, I've joined Lidl store in Hanwell in the meantime waiting for a good job in web development and continue to accept job in Freelance. And this week I've just signed for a new job as a web developper for Marven Ltd a website creation company in Fulham. That is a great news! Thanks as well to Wrapit Ltd (online wedding list company).

Well, it's been a long time I didn't post anything in that blog.

What's up here?  Well I work for the moment at Hanwell's Lidl, just at 5 minutes from home and also working as a freelance web developper and still doing photography.

I've join a camera club in Ealing:  the Ealing & Hampshire House Photographic Society. The EHHPS is a small club but the the level is quite high. We have a meeting every Thursday night at the Ealing's Town Hall. If you want more informations, please visit the club's website: EHHPS website.

In the mean time, I had a photoshoot session with a beginner model Abdul Rehman, you can visit his online portfolio.

A plot to blow up planes from UK to U had been disrupted. London's airports have been put under the restrictions.

Thursday the 10th of August 2006. I've planned to fly to France for a friend's birthday and then another one's wedding. After lots of problems to get to the airport: delays at the tube stations, missed the coach to the airport, get on the taxi to Liverpool Street to take the train, I've arrived at the airport 30 minutes before the departure time! The taxi driver told us that there were some problem at Heathrow and Gatwick airport.

Arrived at Stansted airport to get on the RyanAir FR632 Flight, theinformations displays show that the flight had been cancelled. Theairport was crowed and there were a lot of police men. Ryan air'sinformation point was saturated, the waiting queue was hundred mileslong! We've been told to go home and connect to the Ryan air's websiteto rebook for free or cancel for total refund.

What happened? The day before, a terror plot hadbeen disrupted at Heathrow airport. The terrorists were willing to blowup planes flying from UK to US using liquid explosives that they wouldbuild on board.  UK's airports are in high alert state. From since,hundreds off lights have been cancelled, and on authorized flights,people were not allowed to take any liquid or any container/boxes onboard.

Here are some photographs taken at Stansted airport.

Well, the car's problem had been fixed! It actually was the vacuum pipe that was broken so air and water got inside!

Right after taking back my Peugeot 205, with some friends of mine, we went to Stratford saying hello to William Shakespear. It is a nice place full of tourists! We took the bus for the tour and only managed to visit 3 places of the tour because of the time we arrived.

Here are some pictures:

My Peugeot 205

To get to London from Montpellier, I took my car, an Peugeot 205 of 1996. I bought that car about two years ago and really like it even if it is quite old. The fact is this car is a good one with quite low fuel consumption and can be self repaired and the componants can be find in nearly every garage.

One other thing I do appreciate in my car is that it have the 'Air Conditioning', electric windows and centralized doors locking system. This is quite rare for a Peugeot 205.

But poor little car, it run too far away from home, about 1500 Kmcarrying me and all my stuff! It is now in a garage waiting to berepaired. At first I thought it was the battery, then I've been toldthat it was the starter motor but in fact it is the alternator... wellI hope this is the final!

Here is the alternator (under the bottle of cooling liquid):

Peugeot 205's alternator

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