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Poor car

My Peugeot 205

To get to London from Montpellier, I took my car, an Peugeot 205 of 1996. I bought that car about two years ago and really like it even if it is quite old. The fact is this car is a good one with quite low fuel consumption and can be self repaired and the componants can be find in nearly every garage.

One other thing I do appreciate in my car is that it have the 'Air Conditioning', electric windows and centralized doors locking system. This is quite rare for a Peugeot 205.

But poor little car, it run too far away from home, about 1500 Kmcarrying me and all my stuff! It is now in a garage waiting to berepaired. At first I thought it was the battery, then I've been toldthat it was the starter motor but in fact it is the alternator... wellI hope this is the final!

Here is the alternator (under the bottle of cooling liquid):

Peugeot 205's alternator


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