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Life is life!

The new job is going good but tiring. I'm replacing Junior, a brazilian guy who is now going to go back to Brazil. After 6 years in the company he is longing to go back to his beloved country. And I've unherited of all his work....... So New job, more money but more headaches, less time for other things... That's life folks! As a friend told me:  When you are young, you have health and time but no money. When you've grown up and have a job, you have money and health but no time. And finally when you get old, you have time and money but not health!". Well, but anyway, I will try to save some little time to spend with the ones I love and to do things I like! 

Last November, I've been contacted by Sarah-Jane Dalby, an actress from Australia working for ITV in London. She wanted to update her portfolio and asked me for help with this. We then arrange a meeting in Ealing Broadway for an outdoor photoshoot. It was great and she was quite an easy person to work with. And it was great to talk about Australia. Good luck Sarah!


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