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My new website is ready!

I've finally managed to migrate all the content from Joomla into eZ Publish, the old blog has been migrated, I've added an HTML5 streamable audio support to my eZ Publish installation but it needs some more debugging for other browsers than Safari.

I now need to tweak some more CSS settings.

Current features includes:

  • podOmatic integration using eZ Publish's RSS auto-import feature
  • customized eZFlow templates to animate the frontpage blocks for the homepage with eZJSCore and some jQuery codes.
  • eZLightbox for the blog's embedded galleries.
  • 'mytwitter' extension from my eZ Publish Workflow tutorial.
  • HTML5 audio support, need some tweaks as MP3 support with HTML5 is not compatible with all browsers...
  • Using eZ Publish blogging feature, but still thinking if I should use Blogspot to take advantage of the community...
  • Twitter right hand side block from eZFlow 'feed reader' block item.
  • Nginx in front of Apache to cache static content.


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