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eZ Publish Winter Conference 2011 in Nice

The beach in Nice

I've been working with eZ Publish CMS by eZ Systems since 2008 when I joined the Energy Saving Trust. Recently I've moved to work for the Financial Times as a CMS Developer still using eZ Publish.

Every year, eZ Systems is organising a summer and winter conference. The winter conference is more for the developers and the eZ Community, it's the opportunity to get updated on the evolution of eZ Publish and get some trainings and certifications for free. The other great advantage is meeting a bunch of great people from around the world working on this same open source Content Management System.

This year, the eZ Winter Conference is taking place in Nice, a very beautiful city in the south of France just by the sea. Luckily, my hotel room has been upgraded to a seaview one, I had a great sunset sight this morning, although I woke up a bit late :-P

Among other programs of this conference, there is the speed talk where a member of the community gets the opportunity to hold a small talk of few minutes on an eZ Publish subject of his/her choice. I've proposed myself for a talk on my YubiKey extension for eZ Publish.

I'm looking forward to learn more about what eZ Publish is preparing for us.


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