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Few more tweaks

As I was trying to build an XML sitemap for the website I was wondering why it took so long to map this small site. The answer was the little calendar on the bottom of the right hand side menu in the blog section. It allows one to browse in the future and in the past even farther than the oldest blog post and would never stop...

So I copied extension/ezwebin/design/ezwebin/templates/parts/blog/calendar.tpl into extension/quochuy/design/ezwebin/templates/parts/blog/calendar.tpl to override the template and added some more logic code to not display the next button if next month is in the future and not to display the previous button if previous month is older than my oldest blog post.

It's now fixed. I've also added a rewrite rule in Apache to allow access to http://www.quoc-huy.com/sitemap.xml and have submitted the URL to the Google Webmaster Tools.


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